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Cancelled application results will be returned online

We will return cancelled application results to a customer’s portal account, even if they sent us the application through the post.


On 30 January, an update to the portal, our online transactional channel, will allow us to return cancelled registration applications online, even if a customer sent us their application through the post.

We will do this when the customer who submitted the application is in an organisation that uses the portal.

We will not return a cancelled application online if it:

  • is a first registration
  • contains documents in excess of 20MB

In addition, if a paper application included documents that were uploaded using the ‘Reply to Requisition’ service in the portal, we will not return those documents because the customer will still hold the original.

Customers can activate and receive email notifications when their application results are available.

When customers receive results of cancelled applications online, they will receive an electronic official copy of each document they originally submitted for registration. These will be in their ‘Postal Downloads’ area.

Customers will then be able to use these Land Registry official copies if they re-lodge the application via our electronic Document Registration Service.

We have been sending most of our customer’s land registration application results to their Land Registry portal accounts since last summer – even if they sent us their application through the post.

These updates are part of the changes we are making to the way we support our customers.

Published 24 January 2017