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Authority to licence coal mining data

From 1 December 2015, under commercial licensing terms, the Coal Authority will be making available their coal mining data.

Coal Authority building

The Coal Authority is pleased to announce that from 1 December 2015, under commercial licensing terms, it will be making available its coal mining data to external parties.

This move is in line with the Authority’s strategy to realise value from its people and information and to operate more commercially. The move will create a commercial market with more choice for customers and with the release of this authoritative data it will enable third parties to develop and sell coal mining search reports.

The Authority has established two operating divisions that will work independently of each other, the:

  • Mining Information division will continue to collect, update, quality control, and license data. As the authoritative source and supplier of coal mining data, this division will supply data sets under commercial licence terms.

  • Mining Reports Retail division will create coal mining reports using the data supplied by the Mining Information division. They will provide other services to customers in the conveyancing market and other sectors in competition with third parties.

Reports and services will be priced at the market rate and no longer under Government cost recovery rates. The pricing structure is being reviewed and will be published on our website early in the New Year.

Key facts

  • The Authority’s unique database was first created from coal mine abandonment plans for the specific purpose of producing our CON29M coal mining search report and provides an estimated 96% of the market.

  • Reports are used by solicitors and others in the conveyancing market to advise clients on the mining risks related to coal and Cheshire Brine mining. It uses environmental and value added information to answer the questions set out by the Law Societies for use in England, Wales and Scotland.

  • The Authority produce over 350,000 reports each year.

Published 20 November 2015