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Assessment arrangements unveiled for GCSE design and technology

Ofqual has confirmed the assessment arrangements for GCSE design and technology qualifications that will be taught from September 2017.


These decisions follow a consultation which ran from 1st July to 26th August 2015

In making these decisions we have considered responses to the consultation as well as equality and regulatory impact assessments we undertook. These documents are available here:

Our decisions around assessments arrangements also reflect the subject content requirements published by DfE

Assessment decisions:

  1. We previously decided that new GCSEs should only be tiered where a single set of assessments cannot assess students across the full ability range. We have decided that assessments for the GCSE Design and Technology will not be tiered.

  2. We have decided that GCSE Design and Technology will be assessed with 50% of the marks allocated to exams and 50% to non-exam assessment.

  3. Following consultation we have changed the assessment objectives that all Exam Boards qualifications will need to cover. The assessment objectives that will be used and their weightings are set out in the table below.

Assessment objectives Weighting
AO1 Identify, investigate and outline design possibilities to address needs and wants 10%
AO2 Design and make prototypes that are fit for purpose 30%
AO3 Analyse and evaluate design decisions and outcomes, including for prototypes made by themselves and others. Analyse and evaluate wider issues in design technology 20%
AO4 Demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of technical principles, and design and making principles 40%

Regulatory arrangements We will run a short consultation on the technical nature of the regulations necessary to give effect to these decisions shortly.


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Published 4 November 2015