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Animal medicines improvement notice: Meditech UK, Trade Stand Doncaster National Spring Pigeon show

Details of the improvement notice issued to Meditech UK Trade Stand, Doncaster National Spring Pigeon Show, Doncaster Race Course Published March 2019


This notice was issued to Meditech UK Trade Stand.

The following contravened the Veterinary Medicines Regulation (VMR) 2013:

  • Failure to keep records of POM-VPS supplies contrary to regulation 23 (Records of the receipt or supply of prescription products) of the VMR
  • Trade stand has no evidence of a valid registration contrary to schedule 3, paragraph 10 (Supply by a pharmacist) as a pharmacist was supplying POM-VPS products.

The improvements required are:

  • Evidence of recording of POM-VPS supplies to be provided, including a procedure for all staff outlining who can supply
  • Evidence of General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHC) registration to be provided
Published 14 March 2019