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Alcohol industry updating the health information on its labels

The alcohol industry is updating the health information on its labels, to reflect the latest scientific evidence.


The Department of Health worked closely with industry on the guidance for this labelling, to better reflect the latest advice on alcohol published by the UK Chief Medical Officers last year.

Public Health Minister Nicola Blackwood said:

The right to enjoy a drink responsibly is part of our national culture, and we want to ensure that adults have clear information in order to make informed choices.

This change is industry-led, and I welcome this commitment to giving clear and factual information to consumers.

The UK Chief Medical Officers’ low-risk alcohol guidelines, released in 2016, aim to help people understand the risks alcohol may pose to their health, as part of the Government’s common sense approach to this issue.

They are based on the latest scientific information and represent the most comprehensive review of the evidence on alcohol in 20 years.

Published 24 March 2017