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  1. Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: survey purpose and results

    • 18 January 2019
    • Collection
    • Natural England
  2. Natural England’s longest-serving Chair retires

    • 18 January 2019
    • Press release
    • Defra and Natural England
  3. Open access restriction at Storys Gair: how to comment

    • 16 January 2019
    • Open consultation
    • Natural England
  4. England Coast Path: Filey Brigg to North Gare

    • 15 January 2019
    • Collection
    • Natural England
  5. Natural England financial scheme of delegation

    • 15 January 2019
    • Corporate report
    • Natural England
  6. Otters: licence to capture and transport those trapped in fisheries to prevent damage (CL36)

  7. Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer contacts

    • 15 January 2019
    • Guidance
    • Natural England
  8. Government to help farmers tackle air pollution in new clean air strategy

    • 14 January 2019
    • Press release
    • MHCLG, Defra, DfT, DHSC, HMT, Natural England and BEIS
  9. Open access restriction at Coacher Cleugh: outcome

    • 10 January 2019
    • Consultation outcome
    • Natural England
  10. Enforcement laws: advice on protecting the natural environment in England

    • 7 January 2019
    • Detailed guide
    • Natural England
  11. Natural England's NQRP summary: RPC Opinion

    • 4 January 2019
    • Research and analysis
    • Natural England and RPC
  12. Natural England privacy notices

    • 4 January 2019
    • Guidance
    • Natural England
  13. Kent's National Nature Reserves

  14. Birds: licence to kill or take them for air safety purposes (CL12)

  15. Bats: licence to transport and possess dead bats for rabies testing (GL03)

  16. Hazel dormice: survey or research licence (level 2) (CL10b)

  17. Ruddy ducks: licence to kill or take them (GL21)

  18. White-clawed crayfish: survey or research licence (CL11)

  19. Water voles: licence to displace them for development projects (CL31)

  20. Bats: survey or research licence (level 1) (CL17)

  21. Protected animals: licence for taxidermists to own dead animals (GL02)

  22. Birds: licence to take or kill for health or safety purposes (GL05)

  23. Wild birds: licence to take or kill for conservation purposes (GL06)

  24. Wild birds: licence for vets to rehabilitate them (GL08)

  25. Shrews: licence to trap them (GL01)

  26. Bumblebees: licence to release non-native species in commercial premises for research (CL34)

  27. Licence for police forces to interfere with protected species during crime investigations (CL30)

  28. Badgers: licence for the Forestry Commission to interfere with setts for forestry operations (CL26)

  29. Great crested newts: survey or research level 2 licence (CL09)

  30. Great crested newts: report survey or research licence actions

  31. Wild birds: licence to remove abandoned or unsuccessful eggs (GL12)

  32. Birds: licence to catch them on food premises (CL03)

  33. Birds: licence to keep them in show cages for training (GL16)

  34. Wild birds: licence to sell dead wild birds (GL17)

  35. Badgers: licence for internal drainage boards to interfere with setts for drainage operations (CL27)

  36. Great crested newts: survey or research level 1 licence (CL08)

  37. Badgers: report action taken under licences CL26 and CL27

    • 1 January 2019
    • Form
    • Natural England
  38. Black headed gulls: licence for retailers and restaurateurs to sell eggs (GL23)

  39. Licence to possess plants and animals for scientific purposes (CL01)

  40. Mallard ducks: licence to take eggs and rear and release chicks (GL13)