UK National Screening Committee

The UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) advises ministers and the NHS in the 4 UK countries about all aspects of population screening and supports implementation of screening programmes

Role of the group

The UK NSC advises ministers and the NHS in the 4 UK countries about all aspects of screening and supports implementation of screening programmes.

Conditions are reviewed against evidence review criteria according to the UK NSC’s evidence review process.

Read a complete list of UK NSC recommendations.



  • Dr David Walker (Medical Director, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, England)


  • Dr Paul Cross (Consultant Cellular Pathologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Dr Sunil Bhanot (GP, Basingstoke)
  • Ms Alison Brown (patient and public voice)
  • Professor Roger Brownsword (School of Law, King’s College London)
  • Professor Alan Cameron (Consultant Obstetrician, The Queen Mother’s Hospital, Glasgow)
  • Dr Hilary Dobson (Consultant Radiologist and Clinical Director of the West of Scotland Breast Screening Service and Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow)
  • Professor Stephen Duffy (Director of the Policy Research Unit in Cancer Awareness, Screening and Early Diagnosis and Professor of Cancer Screening, Centre for Cancer Prevention, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine)
  • Professor D Gareth R Evans (Consultant in Genetics Medicine, St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester)
  • Ms Jane Fisher (patient and public voice)
  • Professor Alastair Gray (Director at the Health Economics Research Centre, Nuffield Department of Population Health and Professor of Health Economics at the University of Oxford)
  • Dr John Holden (Joint Head of Medical Division, Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland)
  • Dr Surendra Kumar (GP, Widnes)
  • Mrs Margaret Powell (patient and public voice)
  • Dr Graham Shortland (Consultant Paediatrician, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales and Executive Medical Director, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, University Hospital for Wales)

Four country representatives

  • Dr Margaret Boyle (Senior Medical Officer, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Northern Ireland)
  • Dr Dorian Kennedy (Screening and Sexual Health Branch, Department of Health)
  • Ms Sarah Mason (National Screening Programmes, Scottish Government)
  • Dr Heather Payne (Consultant Paediatrician, Senior Medical Officer for Maternal and Child Health, Welsh Government)


  • Ms Majella Byrne (Acting Director, National Cancer Screening Service, the Republic of Ireland)
  • Dr Rosemary Fox (Director of Screening Division, Public Health Wales)
  • Dr Nick Hicks (National Co-ordinating Centre for HTA)
  • Dr Janet Little (Public Health Consultant, Public Health Agency Northern Ireland)
  • Ms Josephine Taylor (Screening and Sexual Health Branch, Department of Health)
  • Mr Terry O’Kelly (Senior Medical Officer, Scottish Government)


  • Dr Anne Mackie (Director, PHE Screening)
  • Mr John Marshall (Evidence manager, PHE Screening)
  • Mr Nick Johnstone-Waddell (Public and professional information lead, PHE Screening)
  • Ms Zeenat Mauthoor (Secretariat Expert Committee & DH Policy Liaison Manager, PHE Screening)


Vacancies for UK National Screening Committee members are published on the Department of Health (DH) website.


The UK NSC holds 3 meetings a year to review current decisions and make recommendations on screening programmes. Meetings are usually in February, June and October. They are held in London twice a year, with the June meeting hosted by one of other 3 UK Countries on a rotating basis.

Meetings are due to be held on:

  • 19 November 2015
  • 12 February 2016
  • 15 June 2016
  • 19 October 2016

The UK NSC will usually publish draft minutes and a summary of recommendations 6 weeks after the meeting.

Read recent UK NSC meeting minutes and see upcoming agendas.

For minutes from before 2015 please see the national archives website.


The Fetal, Maternal and Child Health group (FMCH) advises the UK NSC on issues relating to screening policy in the relevant populations as well as provide a reference group for issues relating to the implementations and improvement of screening programmes. This includes cross cutting and programme specific issues.

Sub-committee membership

  • Dr Hilary Angwin, Chair (Public Health Consultant)
  • Dr Helen Bedford (University College London)
  • Dr Jean Chapple (Health Training Programme Director)
  • Dr David Elliman (Great Ormond Street Hospital)
  • Ms Jane Fisher (Antenatal Results and Choices)
  • Ms Mervi Jokinen (Royal College of Midwives)
  • Dr Andrew Morris (Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Mr Pranav Pandya (University College London)
  • Dr Annie Procter (Consultant in Medical Genetics)
  • Professor Basky Thilaganathan (St Georges Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

Terms of reference (updated November 2015)

The UK NSC is an independent committee that:

  • advises Ministers and the NHS in the four UK countries about all aspects of screening including the case for introducing new population screening programmes and for continuing, modifying or withdrawing existing population programmes against a set of internationally recognised criteria
  • supports implementation of screening programmes in the four countries including the development of high level standards and maintains oversight of the evidence relating to the balance of good and harm as well as the overall cost effectiveness of existing programmes
  • works with partners to ensure it keeps abreast of scientific developments in screening, including screening trials, screening policy in other countries and emerging technologies
  • is accountable to the four chief medical officers (CMOs), who agree work plans for the UK NSC on an annual basis


Read UK NSC publications and statements.


NHS population screening helpdesk

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Please note the helpdesk is not for media enquiries.

The helpdesk and national programmes do not have access to screening results.

Parents: contact your midwife or health visitor for information on screening results.

Health professionals: contact the local screening team, screening laboratory or local child health records department.

UK National Screening Committee Secretariat

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