Consultation outcome

UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation: TP 38 – X and V factor test

This consultation has concluded

Detail of outcome

The last full scientific review of this document was completed on 8 January 2015. No comments were received during the consultation process.

Read the latest issue of SMI TP 38.

Detail of feedback received

Timeline of review process

Date review started: 23 August 2013

Consultation: 4 October 2013 to 1 November 2013

Document discussed at the following working group meeting:

  • 5 December 2014

Date document issued: 8 January 2015

Original consultation

This consultation ran from to


This consultation asks for feedback in relation to the test procedure SMI ‘TP 38 – X and V factor test’.

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Consultation description

Public Health England has opened a consultation this week in joint partnership with professional organisations.

The consultation asks for comments about the test procedure SMI ‘TP 38 – X and V factor test’.

This UK Standard for Microbiology Investigation describes the differentiation of Haemophilus species by the X and V test. We would like input from a wide range of interested parties.

If you have any difficulties accessing this consultation please let us know by emailing