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South Plans Analytical Report

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The draft South Plans Analytical Report summarises the evidence and issues for the South marine plan areas.

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Consultation description

The information in this draft report has been drawn together to set out the evidence and identify the issues relevant to these marine plans and to inform the next steps in the planning process, such as generating a vision, objectives and then options. This document has been informed by policy analysis, data and stakeholder input and in order to gain feedback on the evidence and issues, we are carrying out a consultation on the South Plans Analytical Report (SPAR).

The formal consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 1 November.

We want to ensure we have the best available evidence and understanding of the issues from the South marine plan areas, and encourage anyone who has queries or suggestions on this report to respond to the formal consultation. If you have any queries regarding the consultation please email or phone 0191 376 2790.

Following the formal consultation, we will review all the responses and produce a summary report of the responses. We will take into account all comments made and update, revise or clarify the evidence wherever needed and publish a revised version of the SPAR.

This formal consultation is in accordance with the requirements of Schedule 6 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2010 (consultation on matters to be included in the draft plan) and the Statement of Public Participation for the South Inshore and Offshore marine plan areas.

Published 23 September 2013