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Simplifying driving licence upgrade and motorcycle test rules

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Proposed changes to driving licence upgrades if you take a test in an automatic vehicle, and reducing the motorcycle engine capacity needed for some tests.

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Consultation description

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is seeking views on proposals to:

  • allow drivers who pass a driving test in certain categories of automatic vehicles to drive a manual vehicle in that category, as long as they can already drive a manual vehicle in a different category
  • reduce the minimum motorcycle engine capacity that’s needed for a standard motorcycle (subcategory A2) test from 395cc to 245cc

The categories of vehicles the first proposal affects are:

  • car and trailers (B+E)
  • medium-sized lorries (C1), and medium-sized lorries towing a trailer (C1+E)
  • minibuses (D1), and minibuses towing a trailer (D1+E)


Published 9 February 2021