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We are seeking views on our draft revisions to the HMRC Charter. The charter sets out the standard of behaviour and values that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) aspires to when interacting with customers – what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you.

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Consultation description

This consultation was published on 24 February and was due to close on 15 May. We are grateful for the responses we have already received. The government recognises that many sectors with an interest in this policy are affected by COVID-19). We want to give you time to submit your views, so we have extended the consultation. The closing date is now 15 August 2020. However, we encourage you to respond early, where possible, to support our ongoing consideration of Your Charter.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) deals with the tax and payments affairs of almost every business and individual in the UK. HMRC’s Charter sets out the relationship HMRC wants with its customers and what customers can expect from us.

The HMRC Charter is a legal requirement under the Finance Act 2009. The legislation states that the Charter ‘must include standards of behaviour and values to which Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs will aspire when dealing with people in the exercise of their functions’.

HMRC is committed to improving its customer experience and proposes that HMRC’s Charter is used to define the service and standard of behaviour that customers should expect when interacting with us. It is due to come into effect by the summer of 2020.

You can read the current HMRC Charter.

Ways to respond

These questions may help you structure your feedback, but you can provide general comments or limit your feedback to particular areas:

  • do you think the draft charter sets the right standards for HMRC’s service to customers (Part 1)?
  • to what extent do you feel the draft charter sets out the areas that are most important to customers when interacting with HMRC?
  • how you would like to see HMRC measure and monitor how it is performing against the charter, including how we can best listen to feedback and make improvements (Part 2)?

We strongly recommend that you respond to the consultation by email if possible, given the temporary closure of HMRC’s Canary Wharf office and the wider impact of Covid-19 on postal services. Sending by post may result in a delay to your submission being considered.


Published 24 February 2020
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  1. The closing date for responses to the consultation has been extended until 14 August 2020 (11.45pm) and we have added information about postal responses.

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