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Climate Change Agreements (CCAs): proposals for a future scheme

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We're seeking views on potential reforms proposed for a future CCA scheme to follow from the end of the current scheme.

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Consultation description

In this consultation we have set out:

  • the key aspects of a future scheme
  • where we believe reforms may be required
  • what some of those reforms may entail

The current Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme started in 2013. Its energy and carbon reduction targets run to the end of 2022, and provide eligible participants with access to reduced rates of Climate Change Levy until March 2025.

Key areas in which we are seeking views include:

  • scheme length
  • eligibility
  • increasing uptake of energy efficiency technologies and transparency of action taken

The consultation is open to anyone, but in particular we’d like views from:

  • sector associations and businesses across the UK which participate in the scheme
  • operators of facilities not currently in the scheme that may be eligible
  • organisations such as trade associations, NGOs, consultants and academia and other bodies who have an interest in the scheme

The CCA scheme operates on a UK-wide basis.

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Please do not send responses by post to the department at the moment as we may not be able to access them.


Published 17 December 2021