Youth justice statistics

Youth justice statistics.

Overview of statistics for youth justice.

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Youth justice annual statistics

The Youth Justice Board (YJB) is responsible for publishing the youth justice annual statistics (annual) and experimental statistics, such as ‘assessing the needs of sentenced children in the youth justice system’ (annual).

The annual statistics concentrate on the flow of children aged 10-17 through the youth justice system in England and Wales.

Details of all the administrative databases and bespoke collections used for youth justice statistics can be found in a guide to youth justice statistics. This contains further information on the data sources, methodologies, data quality and terminology.

Youth secure estate statistics

The Youth Custody Service (YCS) is responsible for the development of the following two publications; ‘youth custody data’ (monthly) and ‘safety in the children and young people secure estate bulletin’ (quarterly).

Ad-hoc and topical statistics

Guidance documents

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