Workplace health

Resources for employers, local government and commissioners on workplace health.

Workplace health is promoting and managing the health and wellbeing of staff and includes managing sickness absence and ‘presenteeism’ (a person who is physically at work, but unproductive).

Workplace health interventions are activities undertaken within the workplace by an employer or others to address these issues. It also includes action to address health and safety risks.

The ‘Health, work and health related worklessness’ briefing provides local councillors with a strong business case to address health-related worklessness and promote workplace health in their local authority.

These documents provide guidance for employers of all sizes, local and national government and commissioners.

Supporting the business case for workplace health intervention

‘Health, work and health related worklessness: a guide for local authorities’ (Public Health England and the Local Government Association)

The workplace health issues: diarrhoea and vomiting infographic provides guidance for employers during outbreaks.

Developing the evidence base on workplace health intervention

Published 21 June 2017