Work Programme provider live running memos

Work Programme provider live running memos.

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The Work Programme has ended. Find other DWP provider guidance.

These live running memos provide updates to the Work Programme provider guidance.

You can find copies of older live running memos on the National Archive website.

Published 2 June 2011
Last updated 7 April 2015 + show all updates
  1. Added memos WP184, WP185 and WP186.

  2. Added provider memo 183.

  3. Added provider memos WP178, WP179, WP180 and WP181.

  4. Added memo WP182.

  5. Added memos WP173, WP174 and WP176.

  6. Added memo WP175.

  7. Added memo WP171.

  8. Added memos WP168 and WP169 and WP170.

  9. Added provider memos WP166 and WP167 to the collection.

  10. Added provider memos WP162 to WP165 to the collection.

  11. Added provider memos WP156 to WP161 to the collection.

  12. Added provider memos WP153, WP154 and WP155 to the collection.

  13. Added provider memos WP149, WP150, WP151 and WP152 to the collection

  14. Added provider memo WP148 to the collection.

  15. Published two new Work Programme Live Running Memos 146 and 147: WP146 - Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) – Work Programme Provider DMA Referrals WP147 - Introduction of the handover process from Compliance Monitoring Officer actions to Performance Manager follow up

  16. Added provider memos WP143, WP144 and WP145 to the collection.

  17. Five new Work Programme provider memos published.

  18. Provider memo WP55 added to the collection.

  19. Memos 136 and 137 added to collection.

  20. First published.