Wildlife crime: publications by PAW

Maps, promotional leaflets, guidance and research and analysis on wildlife crime from the Partnership For Action Against Wildlife Crime.

The Partnership For Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) is an agency body made up of organisations involved in wildlife law enforcement. It’s sponsored by the Department for Food, Environment & Rural Affairs.

You can read more information about the work of the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW UK).

National wildlife crime strategic assessment

The strategic assessment provides an overview of the wildlife crime threats that faced the UK over the period 1 April 2011 to 30 September 2013. It also helped government and wildlife law enforcers decide on the current wildlife crime priorities.

Become a member of the Partnership For Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW)

  1. Application to become a member of PAW

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Publications by PAW

  1. Wildlife crime: forensic and specialist techniques

    • Guidance
  2. Memorandum of understanding: enforcing wildlife crime

    • Policy paper
  3. Wildlife crime and how to report it

    • Promotional material
  4. Bird of prey poisoning

    • Map
  5. Calls for crackdown after bird of prey poisoning maps are published

    • Press release