Waste and recycling statistics

This series brings together all documents relating to Waste and recycling statistics

This series provides information on waste generation and management. Particular areas of interest are waste arising from households, business, construction and demolition and fly-tipping. A range of data sources are used to collect data on these themes, including administrative sources and surveys.

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  1. Local authority collected waste management - annual results
  2. Local authority collected waste for England: quarterly estimates
  3. Fly-tipping statistics for England
  4. UK statistics on waste
  5. Composition of local authority waste
  6. Local authority collected waste – definition of terms

Statistical datasets

  1. ENV18 - Local authority collected waste: annual results tables
  2. ENV24 - Fly tipping incidents and actions taken in England
  3. ENV23 - UK statistics on waste
  4. ENV19 - Quarterly local authority collected waste management statistics
Published 15 October 2013
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