Apply for veterinary medicine authorisations

Guidance and application forms for Marketing Authorisations, Animal Test Certificates, Veterinary Homeopathic Remedy, Export and Import certificates, Batch release and Batch control.

Application guidance and supporting information on applying for a:

  • Marketing Authorisation (MA)
  • Specific Manufacturing Authorisations:
    • Autogenous Vaccine Authorisation (AVA)
    • Non-food Animal Blood Bank (NFABB)
    • Animal Stem Cell Centre Authorisation (ASCCA)
  • Register Veterinary Homeopathic Remedy (VHR)
  • Specific batch control of a pharmaceutical veterinary medicine
  • Batch release of an immunological veterinary medicine
  • Export Certificate
  • Special Import Certificate (SIC)
  • Animal Test Certificate (ATC)

Supplementary Guidance

Apply for 'other'

Apply for ATC

Published 19 December 2014
Last updated 5 October 2022 + show all updates
  1. Reviewed and updated headings and links to application guidance

  2. Addition of applications forms; new marketing authorisation, variation and renewal of a marketing authorisation.

  3. Guidance for Parallel Import of veterinary medicines added

  4. Restructured collection of guidance content with additional articles added

  5. Guidance added 'Apply to change Marketing Authorisation Holder, Distributor or Local Representative details added to Veterinary Medicines Application Forms'

  6. First published.