Apply for product authorisations

Guidance and application forms for a Marketing Authorisation, Parallel Import, Animal Test Certificate, Veterinary Homeopathic Remedy, Autogenous Vaccine Authorisation or Export certificate.

Guidance on applying for a Marketing Authorisation (MA), Parallel Import (MAPI), Animal Test Certificate (ATC), Veterinary Homeopathic Remedy (VHR), Autogenous Vaccine Authorisation (AVA), or Export Certificate.


Apply for

  1. Apply for a Marketing Authorisation for a veterinary medicine or expiry
  2. Marketing Authorisations for Parallel Import of veterinary medicines
  3. Apply for a new Animal Test Certificate (including Type-S) or to renew or change an existing certificate
  4. Apply to change a veterinary marketing authorisation or homeopathic remedy
  5. Marketing Authorisation Holders, Named Distributors, and Local Representatives of veterinary medicines
  6. Veterinary Medicines: Apply for and maintain a Joint-Label for use in the UK and Ireland
  7. Apply to submit conditional or commitment data for assessment
  8. Apply for specific batch control of a pharmaceutical veterinary medicine
  9. Apply for batch release of an immunological veterinary medicine
  10. Export drugs and medicines: special rules
  11. Apply for an Autogenous Vaccine, Non-Food Animal Blood Bank, Equine Stem Cell Centre Authorisation


Application forms

Application forms are available on the European Commission website except the following:

For reference to Exceptional MAs (Limited and Provisional) see ‘Apply for a Marketing Authorisation for a veterinary medicine’.

Announcements / MAVIS articles

Marketing Authorisations Veterinary Information Service (MAVIS). Current and previous editions of the newsletter.

  1. Veterinary medicines: Changes to distributor and local representatives details
  2. New version of the product literature standard
  3. Veterinary medicines containing zinc oxide: European referral outcome
  4. Changes to publishing licensing information in MAVIS
  5. QRD text for Nationally Authorised Veterinary Medicinal Products
  6. Changes to the way you submit mock-up veterinary medicine product literature
  7. Changes to the way mock-ups are dealt with: Guidance for Marketing Authorisation Holders
  8. Copycat Marketing Authorisation: Change to variation validation procedure
  9. Marketing authorisation certification: clarification of date of issue
  10. Renewal Reminders: Marketing Authorisations and Veterinary Homeopathic Remedies
Published 19 December 2014
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  1. Addition of applications forms; new marketing authorisation, variation and renewal of a marketing authorisation.

  2. Guidance for Parallel Import of veterinary medicines added

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