Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill

Information and transport topics of the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill 2017.

The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill 2017 introduces a set of transport policies to modernise the transport system for businesses and passengers. The bill makes policies for:

  • automated vehicles (AV)
  • electric vehicle infrastructure
  • air traffic control regulations (NATs)
  • ATOL
  • road vehicle testing
  • misuse of lasers
  • courses offered as an alternative to driving fixed penalty notices

Automated vehicles

The Bill extends the compulsory motor insurance requirement to include automated vehicle owners.

Electric vehicle infrastructure

The Bill provides government with the powers to:

  • require that data on charge point location and availability is openly available
  • set minimum technical specifications for charge point connectors
  • oblige charge point network operators to allow interoperability between networks
  • mandate provision of electric vehicle infrastructure at motorway service areas and large fuel retailers
  • require that charge points are ‘smart’ and can interact with the electricity grid

Air traffic control regulations (NATs)

Updates the licensing framework for air traffic services so it continues to:

  • improve the UK’s record on safety
  • satisfy demand
  • increase resilience


The BIll extend insolvency protection for package holidays to:

  • new digital business models
  • newer ways of buying package holidays
  1. ATOL reform: modernising consumer protection

Road vehicle testing

Amends legislation to allow:

  • any owner of road worthiness checking facilities to offer their services to the market, increasing choice and competition for commercial vehicle operators
  • to implement a cap to protect vehicle operators from excessive charging

Misuse of lasers

Makes the misuse of lasers an indictable offence. This removes the current requirement of establishing proof of harm or endangerment to:

  • vehicles
  • aircraft
  • vessels
  1. New powers to crack down on laser attacks


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Published 22 February 2017