UK Trade Tariff: volume 3 for CHIEF

Forms, codes and procedures to use when importing or exporting goods. How to input data onto the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system.

If you’re making a declaration using the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) follow the guidance in the UK Trade Tariff: volume 3 for CDS.

This collection brings together directions for completing the Single Administrative Document (form C88) and related customs documentation.

It includes:

  • import, export and community transit documentary procedures
  • information about customs warehousing
  • trader data input
  • details of customs procedure codes
  • certain other special procedures for facilitating trade

You can use the UK Trade Tariff tool to search for import and export commodity codes as well as the tax, duty and licenses that apply to your goods.



  1. Single Administrative Document full 8 part set (C88 (1-8))
  2. Single Administrative Document (C88A)
  3. Single Administrative Document (SAD), parts 2 and 3 (C88 (2-3))
  4. Single Administrative Document part 6 (C88 (6))
  5. Customs Input of Entry control for Common Agricultural Policy exports (C88 (CAP) CIE)
  6. Export summary and community transit loading list (C88 (EL))
  7. Export declaration fall back EXP-SAD/SEC (C88/ESS)
  8. European Community list of items EXP-SAD/SEC (C88/ESS/LOI)
  9. Single Administrative Document (export or transit) (C88 exp-tran)
  10. Single Administrative Document (C88 (status))
  11. Single Administrative Document (C88 (UK transit))
  12. Make a Customs Clearance Request (C21)
  13. Make an amendment to export declarations (C81)
  14. Calculate value build up costs for import and export (C89)
  15. Record your bulk importer details (C515)
  16. Record your bulk exporter details (C515A)
  17. Record details of a registered consignee (C516)


  1. CHIEF: boxes that copy through on 8 and 4 part sets
  2. CHIEF: country and currency codes
  3. CHIEF: freight location codes
  4. CHIEF: NES local clearance freight locations
  5. CHIEF: Entry Processing Unit sites
  6. CHIEF: ETSF operators and host EPU details
  7. CHIEF: DEP operators and host EPU details
  8. Airline codes and percentages to use on CHIEF
  9. CHIEF: inland clearance depots and free zone codes
  10. CHIEF: CCS-UK transit shed codes
  11. CHIEF: transit shed operators
  12. CHIEF: quantity codes
  13. CHIEF: box 47(a) tax type codes
  14. CHIEF: kind of packages codes
  15. CHIEF: additional information codes for harmonised declarations
  16. CHIEF: document status codes for harmonised declarations
  17. CHIEF: document, certificate and authorisation codes
  18. CHIEF: document types, codes and associated classes for box 40
  19. CHIEF: Direct Trader Input (DTI) character outputs
  20. CHIEF: clearance status codes
  21. CHIEF: agreement preference country groups
  22. CHIEF: customs procedure codes
  23. CHIEF: commodity codes for which modified import entry procedures apply
Published 1 August 2018