UK Trade Tariff: volume 3 for CDS

Codes and procedures to use when importing or exporting goods. How to input data into the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

This collection brings together guidance and appendices for CDS.

You can use the UK Trade Tariff tool to search for import and export commodity codes as well as the tax, duty and licenses that apply to your goods.

If you are making a declaration using CHIEF, follow the guidance in the UK Trade Tariff: volume 3 for CHIEF.



  1. Requested and previous procedure codes for data element 1/10 of CDS
  2. Additional procedure codes for data element 1/11 of CDS
  3. Previous document codes for data element 2/1 of CDS
  4. Additional information statement codes for CDS
  5. Documents and other reference codes for data elements 2/3 of CDS
  6. Authorisation type codes for data element 3/39 of CDS
  7. Delivery terms for data element 4/1 of CDS
  8. Tax types for data element 4/3 of CDS
  9. Method of payment codes for data element 4/8 of CDS
  10. Additions and deductions for data element 4/9 of CDS
  11. Currency codes for CDS
  12. Preference codes for data element 4/17 of CDS
  13. Country codes for the Customs Declaration Service
  14. UK Customs office list (COL) codes for data element 5/12 of CDS
  15. Place of loading codes for data element 5/21 of CDS
  16. Goods Location Codes for data element 5/23 of CDS
  17. Supervising office (SPOFF) codes for data element 5/27 of CDS
  18. Package type codes for data element 6/9 of CDS
  19. National additional codes for data element 6/17 of CDS
  20. Measurement unit codes for data elements 8/7 and 4/4 of CDS
  21. Declaration category data sets for CDS
Published 1 August 2018