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The Taking Part survey collects data on many aspects of leisure, culture and sport in England, as well as an in-depth range of socio-demographic information on respondents.

The need for consistent, high quality national data on engagement with culture and sport led to DCMS and 3 partners (Arts Council England, Historic England and Sport England commissioning the Taking Part survey, the first of its kind to provide data of this quality.

In March 2016 we published a strategy outlining proposed developments to the Taking Part survey over the next five years, which will ensure the survey is fit for the future and supports the evidence needs of DCMS sectors.

Survey content

The main sectors for which data are gathered in the ‘Taking part’ survey are:

  • arts
  • museums and galleries
  • archives
  • libraries
  • heritage
  • sport

For each of these sectors, data about the reasons for participating and not participating, barriers to participation, and the frequently of participation are also collected.

In addition to these sectors, data are also gathered on a variety of other sectors and topics. These include:

  • social capital
  • engagement in sectors while growing up
  • volunteering
  • internet/TV/radio use and access
  • attitudes to heritage/the arts
  • demographics

Statistical releases

Latest statistical releases for the Taking Part survey can be found here.

Find out about upcoming releases in our Official Statistics Release Calendar here.

Further research

Additional research and analysis has been carried out using the Taking Part data. Research that has been funded by DCMS can be found here.

Record-level Taking Part datasets can be accessed via the UK Data Service, University of Essex. Please note that datasets are deposited for not-for-profit educational and research purposes only. Follow this link to access the series page for the Taking Part Survey.

User engagement

Further information on engagement with users of the Taking Part survey can be found here

Additional Information

Find all of the questionnaires and the technical reports from the adult and child Taking Part surveys.


We are always interested in hearing your views on the Taking Part survey. Please contact us by email at


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