Sustainable Farming Incentive: guidance for applicants and agreement holders

What farmers need to know to get paid under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), how to apply for funding and how to manage your agreement.

Information for SFI pilot participants is published on the Defra farming blog.

Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme: expanded offer for 2024

  • Use the SFI scheme information to understand the scheme rules, check if you and your land are eligible to apply for an SFI agreement and how to apply.

  • Use the finder tool to search and select SFI actions you can apply for if your land is eligible

  • Read the SFI agreement terms and conditions to understand what you are agreeing to when you enter an agreement

SFI 2023: guidance for applicants and agreement holders

SFI23 closed for new applications at midnight on Monday 10 June. You can still submit any application you’ve already started within 60 days of starting it.

For new SFI applications, read the guidance about our expanded offer for 2024. Applications will fully open later in the summer but to apply early and access the new range of actions, you can complete an expression of interest survey. We will then invite you to apply over the next few weeks.

Information for SFI 2023 agreement holders includes:

  • SFI 2023 Handbook which contains the scheme rules, SFI actions in the SFI 2023 offer, and SFI agreement terms and conditions

  • voluntary guidance on how to do the actions in your SFI 2023 agreement

SFI 2022: guidance for agreement holders

Contact the Rural Payments Agency about SFI

How to contact the RPA if you have a query about the Sustainable Farming Incentive.

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Published 30 March 2022
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  1. Removed link to SFI annual health and welfare review guidance. This service has been replaced by a new improved offer and has its own collection on GOV.UK - Funding to improve animal health and welfare: guidance for farmers and vets.

  2. Update to SFI23: SFI23 will close to new applications from midnight on 10 June. Any applications already started can be submitted within 60 days of starting it.

  3. Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme information is published to find out what's included in the expanded offer for 2024.

  4. Reminder to submit SFI23 applications by 31 December

  5. Removed reference to expression of interest (EOI).

  6. SFI Register your interest form link added

  7. SFI main page updated to include information about RPA contacting eligible farmers and land managers to express an interest in applying for SFI early.

  8. Published getting paid for your SFI agreement

  9. Detailed guides for SFI 2023 - the separate sections the SFI 2023 handbook - added to the collection page.

  10. Page and content updated for SFI 2023.

  11. Added call to action box for SFI pilot participants

  12. Added link on how to apply online for an SFI standards agreement.

  13. Added terms and conditions, how to guidance and contact information.

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