Short Form Contract

The template Short Form Contract is for below-threshold, low value, non-complex goods and services.

This is a template contract for low value (below the procurement thresholds set out in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015) non-complex goods and services.

This was previously known as the Short Form Terms and Conditions.

The Short Form Contract is designed to ensure that you are able to use appropriate and proportionately ‘light touch’ contract terms for low-value procurements. This is aimed at avoiding the use of overly complex terms which can increase costs and act as a barrier to the involvement of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

If you have any feedback on the use of the Short Form Contract, would like a copy of the previous versions or have any queries, please email

Guidance on how to use the Short Form Contract

The Short Form Contract

The Short Form Contract consists of the following parts:

  • The Cover Letter
  • The Order Form
  • The Conditions
  • The Annexes

The Cover Letter explains how the contract is formed. The Order Form is the basis of the contract between you and the supplier. You must prepare this form prior to tender. The Conditions sets out the terms and conditions for the Short Form Contract. The Annexes cover (i) data processing, (ii) specification of the goods and/or services, (iii) charges, (iv) any supplier tender, and (v) alternative optional IPR clauses. The first is Annex mandatory, and the others are optional.

These parts are combined together in the following document:

List of changes

Version 1.4 of the Short Form Contract was published in July 2023. These documents tell you what has changed.

Published 22 September 2022
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