Rural focus reports

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The Rural Focus Reports are detailed rural statistics based on the Office for National Statistics 2001 Census data and the Commission for Rural Communities Access to Services data.
They give a rural view showing trends of what is happening in each area.

Rural Focus Reports have been produced for the 9 Local Councils in England and each of the 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) areas.

A special report featuring the 2011 Census results for Rural England has also been produced.

Local level data sets have been produced to accompany the Rural Focus Reports though they can be used independently for research and analysis:

  • Local Council data on population, claimant counts, insolvency rates, business numbers (by industry and size) and average house prices. (Last updated 27th June 2013).

In addition, local level data sets have been produced for LEP geographies covering rural urban analysis of population, economic activity and businesses by size and sector using the 2011 rural-urban classification. (Last updated 14th February 2014).

Up to date data based on various geographies can also be found from the Office for National Statistics at Neighbourbood Statistics and via the Neighbourhood Statistics Local Profiles Atlas or Neighbourhood Statistics LEP Atlas.

For information on current and completed rural evidence projects commissioned by Defra click here.