This series brings together all documents relating to Research

The research papers and reports covering our sectors are independent. Please note that, while we have consulted on them, we do not necessarily endorse any findings or recommendations contained within them.


  1. Analysis of health and educational benefits of sport and culture

    • Research and analysis
  2. A Review of the Social Impacts of Culture and Sport

    • Research and analysis
  3. Quantifying the Social Impacts of Sport and Culture

    • Research and analysis
  4. Quantifying and Valuing the Wellbeing Impacts of Culture and Sport

    • Research and analysis
  5. Go Digital trial: Measuring the impact of radio switchover on consumers

    • Independent report
  6. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Radio Switchover: Methodology Report

    • Corporate report
  7. Libraries omnibus

    • Official Statistics
  8. International comparisons of public engagement in culture and sport

    • Research and analysis
  9. Longitudinal data library

    • Research and analysis
  10. Research Study on Energy Consumption of Digital Radios: Phase 2

    • Guidance
  11. Digital Radio Switchover: Willingness to Pay and Consumer Behaviour Research

    • Research and analysis
  12. Measuring the value of culture: a report to the Department for Culture Media and Sport

    • Independent report
  13. Understanding the relationship between taste and value in culture and sport

    • Independent report
Published 12 June 2013
Last updated 17 April 2014 + show all updates
  1. Two new research papers published: 1) Quantifying the social impacts of culture and sport; 2) Quantifying and valuing the wellbeing impacts of culture and sport
  2. First published.