Pollution prevention guidance (PPG)

Pollution prevention guidance (including PPGs) which advise industry and the public about their legal responsibilities.

This collection was withdrawn on

See current guidance on how to: prevent pollution if you’re a business, report an environmental incident, get permission to discharge to surface or groundwater, manage business and commercial waste, store oil and any oil storage regulations, discharge sewage with no mains drainage, work on or near water and manage water on land.

All pollution prevention guidance, known as PPGs, previously maintained by the Environment Agency have been withdrawn from use. You can find it on The National Archives.

PPGs contained a mix of regulatory requirements and good practice advice. The Environment Agency does not provide ‘good practice’ guidance.

Each publication gives guidance on how to avoid pollution and comply with the law. The Environment Agency may take enforcement action against polluters, which could include prosecution.

Published 12 May 2014
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  1. Explained the Environment Agency don't provide 'good practice' and added links to archived publications.

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