Patient experience statistics: England

Patient experience statistics: England

This page is no longer being updated. From April 2013 publication of the patient experience overall measure has transferred to NHS England.

For latest statistics and information please go to the NHS England patient experience webpages

These National Statistics for England on the patient experience survey were produced by the Department of Health (DH) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The statistics use responses from the national patient survey programme to measure patient views on the care they receive in the NHS.

The patient experience statistics include results from outpatient, inpatient, mental health and accident & emergency surveys.

Documentation here is specific to the patient experience series. Corporate information on all statistics published by DH is available on the Statistics at DH page.

Supporting statistical documents

The patient experience overall measure is a National Statistic, published according to the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. For further information about how we have addressed some of the requirements of the code including a methodology paper see patient experience notes and guidance.

Tools for understanding patient experience

We have produced a toolkit to help NHS managers and the general public understand what feeds in to the overall score, and to see how scores vary across individual NHS organisations. These tools are included in the patient experience supporting tools dataset.

The Care Quality Commission co-ordinate the national patient survey programme, and publish detailed survey results from the underlying patient experience surveys which feed into the overall patient experience measure.


The patient-experience team has previously completed two reports on the experience of patients in black and minority ethnic groups


Published 16 April 2013