Misleading environmental claims

The CMA is investigating how products and services claiming to be 'eco-friendly' are being marketed, and whether consumers could be being misled.

We’re undertaking work to understand better how consumer protection legislation can be used to tackle false or misleading environmental claims that affect consumers, and through doing so contribute to our Annual Plan commitment to support the move towards a low carbon economy.

In particular, we’re focusing on:

  • how claims about the environmental impact of products and services are made
  • whether such claims are supported by evidence
  • whether such claims influence peoples’ behaviour when purchasing such goods and services
  • whether consumers are misled by an absence of information about the environmental impact of products and services

Want to learn more about how you can spot ‘green claims’? Visit our Green Claims Code campaign.

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At this early stage, we’ve not reached a view as to whether consumer protection law may have been broken. However, we find evidence that some businesses are making misleading claims or omissions about how environmentally friendly their products or services are, we could take enforcement action.


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Published 26 January 2023