Ministry of Defence supplier invoicing and payment information

MOD supplier payment performance, invoice processing and MOD contract payments.

Suppliers requiring payment into their bank account in FY17-18 for goods and services delivered in FY17-18 must ensure that invoices are correctly presented through Exostar, through DBS F&PS and through MOD authorising branches no later than Friday 23 March 2018. Invoices correctly presented after that date will most likely be paid into suppliers accounts in FY18-19.

Contacting DBS Enquiry Centres

As part of the Ministry of Defence’’s move to a new IT network, the email addresses of several Defence Business Services’ (DBS) Enquiry Centres have changed.

Finance & Procurement Services Enquiry Centre

The new email address is The phone number is 0151 242 2000

Emails sent to our old email address will be forwarded to the new address for a period of time, but please start using the new email address now.

Our IT network security remains the same. If you need to send sensitive information to DBS, please ensure you are aware of your own or your organisation’s IT security procedures, just as you would have done previously.

Ministry of Defence payment performance

Year 2017/18

The MOD is a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code and is fully committed, along with the department’s trading partners, to paying all suppliers as quickly as possible.

Since May 2010 we have been aiming to pay 80% of invoices within 5 working days. We have achieved the following performance:

Financial year 2017/2018 Percentage of invoices paid within 5 days Percentage of invoices paid within 30 days Total amount of liability to pay (from April 2018)
First quarter 94.94% 99.93% £145k paid*
Second quarter 90.13% 99.98% £157k paid
Third quarter 90.78% 99.62% Nil
Fourth quarter 90.17% 99.95% £207k paid

*from CPF system Go Live in Nov 16 to end June 2017

Year 2016/17

Financial year 2016/2017 Percentage of invoices paid within 5 days Percentage of invoices paid within 30 days Total amount of liability to pay (from April 2017)
First quarter 96.5% 99.9% Nil
Second quarter 96.88% 99.99 Nil
Third quarter 91.23% 99.04% see Year 2017/18 data
Fourth quarter 94.09% 99.61% see Year 2017/18 data

MOD introduced a new Contracting, Purchasing & Finance (CPF) system in December 2016. The implementation involved planned system downtime. This is reflected in the lower percentages of invoices paid within 5 and 30 days during Q3 and Q4. Data on liability will be updated by end April 17.

Year 2015/16

Financial year 2015/2016 Percentage of invoices paid within 5 days Percentage of invoices paid within 30 days Total amount of liability to pay (from April 2016)
First quarter 96.6% 99.9% Nil
Second quarter 97.2% 99.9% Nil
Third quarter 96.7% 99.9% Nil
Fourth quarter 93.0% 99.9% Nil

Invoice processing

Each year, we process approximately 4.2 million invoices with a total value in excess of £27 billion.

Our revenue and invoicing frequently asked questions (FAQs) have information to help suppliers submit invoices to DBS Finance correctly for prompt processing and payment. You will also find contact details; please thoroughly read the information provided before approaching the DBS Finance Enquiry Centre.

Invoicing forms

Please see below for invoicing forms. Your contract with MOD defines the terms and conditions for payment, and advises which forms you should use for submitting your invoice.

If you need further clarification, you should check with the relevant MOD commercial branch detailed in your contract.

  1. DBS Finance invoicing forms

Payment processing

Revenue processing

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