MCA recognition letters for digital nautical publications

Equivalency letters for electronic charts and publications meeting regulation requirements for use on ship's bridge.

Individual approval letters for products which MCA recognises as electronic equivalents for the onboard carriage of IMO instruments such as:

  • STCW

Approval letters for digital nautical publishers

  1. Admiralty e-nautical publications
  2. Admiralty digital publications
  3. Seamanship library
  4. Admiralty notice to mariners: digital format
  5. Chart-track notice to mariners: letter of approval
  6. Recognition of Imray Laurie Norie and Wilson as a chart producer
  7. Digitrace: digital notice to mariners
  8. Digital maritime regulations V4
  9. Voyager 3 and 4: digital notices to mariners
  10. Digital notices to mariners
  11. PassageManager 5: chart management system
  12. TGT e-data service
  13. Challenger: Admiralty notice to mariners
  14. Digital Application for chart updates - VASCO
  15. David Store Navigational Management Ltd: COMPASS; Digital approval
  16. Paramount Nautical Ltd - Digital Notices to Mariners

Guide about navigation safety and digital nautical publications

  1. Navigation safety for UK seafarers
Published 1 May 2014
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