Low Pay Commission (LPC) Research

The LPC commissions research projects to inform its work.

The findings and any views expressed are those of the authors, and are not necessarily endorsed by the LPC.

Research reports for 2012 and 2013 are available below. Research reports prior to 2012 that are available electronically can be found on the National Archives website.

Details of all the research we have commissioned can be found in an appendix to each of our reports.

Although we cannot guarantee that you will be invited, if you would like to be included on our consultation list and/or would like to express an interest in being invited to tender for future research you can email us at

Low Pay Commission Research Documents: March 2013 Report

  1. National Minimum Wage: impact on low-paying companies. Bondibene, Riley
  2. National Minimum Wage: the nature, evolution and distribution of non-compliance, le Roux, Lucchino, Wilkinson
  3. Productivity, investment and training: how the recession affected business. Crawford, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  4. National Minimum Wage: impact on the domiciliary care sector. Bessa, Forde, Moore, Stuart
  5. Substitution rate between low pay workers and the National Minimum Wage. Lanot, Sousounis
  6. National Minimum Wage: a focus on Universal Credit. Brewer, De Agostini
  7. National Minimum Wage apprentice rate: impact analysis. Behling, Speckesser
  8. Impact of the National Minimum Wage on young workers' employment. Fidrmuc, Tena
  9. National Minimum Wage: effect on hours, job retention and entry. Bryan, Salvatori, Taylor
  10. Behavioural aspects of the National Minimum Wage. Fry, Ritchie

Low Pay Commission Research Documents: March 2012 Report

  1. Impact of economic recovery on pay settlements. Incomes Data Services
  2. The trend in earnings growth for young workers. Incomes Data Services
  3. National Minimum Wage: the introduction of the Apprentice Rate. Ipsos Mori
  4. National Minimum Wage: impact on earnings, employment and hours in the recession. Bryan, Salvatori, Taylor
  5. The impact of recession on pay settlements and earnings by industry, 1977 to 2011. Dolton, Makepeace, Tremayne
  6. Non-compliance with the National Minimum Wage. Ipsos Mori
  7. Productivity, earnings and age in the early years of a working life. Dickerson, McIntosh
  8. Low Pay Commission: government evidence (January 2011). Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  9. National Minimum Wage: re-examining its impact on earnings, employment and hours. Dickens, Riley, Wilkinson
Published 28 October 2013