Infrastructure cost review

This series brings together all documents relating to the Infrastructure cost Review


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The Infrastructure Cost Review in 2010 set out a series of actions to change the behaviour of government clients and industry that would support a 15 per cent reduction in the costs of infrastructure delivery.

The latest report - Infrastructure Cost Review: Measuring and Improving Delivery - demonstrates significant improvements arising from more collaborative behaviour, and identifies over £3 billion per annum of cost savings. That equates to savings averaging over 15 per cent across infrastructure sectors.

This series includes the work of the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG), a collaboration between government and industry clients to improve infrastructure delivery. The ICG is supported by IUK and the Commercial Secretary to the Treasury.

The series also includes the Project Initiation Routemap handbook and associated modules, plus the products from the ICG including the Alliancing Best Practice guidance document.


  1. Infrastructure cost review: measuring and improving delivery

    • Corporate report
  2. Improving infrastructure delivery: project initiation routemap

    • Guidance
  3. Infrastructure Cost Review: annual report 2012 to 2013

    • Corporate report
  4. Infrastructure Cost Review: annual report 2011 to 2012

    • Corporate report
  5. Infrastructure Cost Review

    • Research and analysis
  6. Infrastructure client group

    • Guidance