Policy paper

Common Minimum Standards for Construction

The Common Minimum Standards for Construction (CMS) set out mandatory standards construction project team members in Government should use.



This document updates and replaces the Government Construction Common Minimum Standards for the procurement of the built environments, published in 2012.

It addresses changes in legislation, regulations and government policy. This document does not in itself introduce new standards, but summarises existing government policy.

Compliance with these standards is considered to represent cost effectiveness, supporting coordinated and productive engagement with the construction industry. However their practical application by individual procurers should be considered on a project-specific basis, within the context of practicality, achievability and value for money (defined as the optimum combination of whole-life cost and quality to meet user requirements).

Procurers will be expected to comply with these standards unless it can be clearly demonstrated that one or more of them fall outside of the above criteria

Published 15 March 2017