HMCTS management information

The management information used by HMCTS for understanding workload volumes and timeliness at a national level.

The tables in these publications provide the latest management information on workload and timeliness for HMCTS criminal, civil and family courts, and tribunals.

  • receipts are the number of cases that have been received and entered onto the respective administrative system by the court/tribunal in the month
  • disposals are the number of cases that have been completed with a final result in the month
  • outstanding is the number of cases which have been receipted but not yet disposed of at the end of the month
  • timeliness is an end-to-end measure of how long those cases have taken to manage through the court or tribunal system for cases completed in the month

Each jurisdiction has a specific definition for workload and timeliness metrics; see the management information tables and guidance for more details.

These figures reflect the data held on the case management system, and hence have some definitional and timing differences from the official statistics. These figures reflect the data held on the relevant case management systems and hence have some definitional and timing differences from the official statistics. They are subject to the data quality issues associated with large administrative systems, including the late reporting of cases and regular updating of case details, which can lead to the figures for previous months’ being revised each publication. These revisions are generally small and do not usually change the overall picture of performance. The official statistics provide a more comprehensive view of a range of statistics related to court systems, including HMCTS performance, putting the figures in context and analysing the key aspects. Users are advised to use the official statistics for most purposes and to use the published management information only to understand the very latest high-level position.




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