Forms to update shares

Paper forms which can be used by limited companies to notify Companies House of a change to their share capital.

Share capital forms

  1. Return of allotment of shares (SH01)
  2. Consolidate, sub-divide, redeem shares or re-convert stock into shares (SH02)
  3. Notify a purchase of own shares (SH03)
  4. Notify a sale or transfer of treasury shares (SH04)
  5. Notify a cancellation of treasury shares (SH05)
  6. Notify a cancellation of shares (SH06)
  7. Notify a cancellation of shares: public company (SH07)
  8. Notify a name or other designation of class of shares (SH08)
  9. Allotting a new class of shares by an unlimited company (SH09)
  10. Give notice of particulars of variation of rights attached to shares (SH10)
  11. Give notice of a new class of members (SH11)
  12. Give notice of particulars of variation of class rights (SH12)
  13. Give notice of name or other designation of class of members (SH13)
  14. Notify a redenomination of shares (SH14)
  15. Notify a reduction of capital following redenomination (SH15)
  16. Give notice of application to court to cancel special resolution (SH16)
  17. Give notice by the company of application to cancel special resolution (SH17)
  18. Statement of capital when reducing capital in a company (SH19)
  19. Statement of capital when re-registering from unlimited to limited (SH19)
  20. Apply for trading certificate for a public company (SH50)
  21. Notice of takeover offer to non-assenting shareholders (980(1))
  22. Give notice of declaration to non-assenting shareholders (980dec)
  23. Give notice of a takeover to non-assenting shareholders (984)
Published 13 November 2014