File a second filing of a document previously delivered (RP04)

Use this form to submit a second filing to correct a very minor inaccuracy in a previously delivered document.


File your second filing online


A second filing is a copy of the original document with the inaccuracy corrected. You should send this to Companies House using the form RP04.

You can submit a second filing to correct a very minor inaccuracy in any type of previously submitted form. 

For a second filing of a legal consequence document, you do not need to submit a full, new document. You’ll need to submit sufficient information for the registrar to determine what is being corrected.

For example, if a minor error in an officer’s service address on an application for incorporation, we will need:

  • the relevant page from the application for incorporation (completed in full)
  • the covering form RP04
Published 17 September 2014
Last updated 4 March 2024 + show all updates
  1. Form updated for new measures under the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act.

  2. Added online filing options for second filing and advice about correcting errors made on company incorporation documents.

  3. New version of form uploaded.

  4. Form version changed

  5. Guidance on filing RP04 added to the page.

  6. First published.