Notify a purchase of own shares (SH03)

Use this form to give notice of a purchase by a limited company of its own shares.



HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has introduced a new electronic Stamp Duty process to replace their physical stamping system.

Find out how to pay Stamp Duty and more information about Stamp Duty on shares.

If the purchase price of the shares is above the £1,000 duty payable threshold, you’ll need to send your SH03 form to HMRC before you send it to Companies House.

HMRC will issue your company with a letter confirming that the appropriate duty has been paid. You’ll need to include the HMRC letter when you send your SH03 form to Companies House.

The HMRC letter will not appear on the Companies House register.

Published 6 October 2014
Last updated 1 April 2022 + show all updates
  1. Updated version of SH03 form (version 6) including new electronic stamp duty process at HMRC.

  2. The temporary measures put in place during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for stamping SH03 forms with stamp duty paid have been made permanent.

  3. Guidance on avoiding rejection of share capital forms added

  4. First published.