Food statistics pocketbook

Compilation of food statistics.

The Food Statistics Pocketbook provides a round-up of statistics on food covering the economic and social aspects of the food we eat (excluding agriculture). It contains chapters on:

  • the food chain (beyond agriculture)
  • prices and expenditure
  • global and UK supply

In response to user feedback we have moved away from annual updates and are now updating the pocketbook on a more regular basis in order to keep information as current as possible. The year has therefore been removed from the title as it could be misleading. The previous versions that did have a date in the title have been left in their original form below.

The editions for 2008 to 2011 are available from the National Archive.

Please answer 4 short questions (opens in Google Forms) to help us make the pocketbook better for you.


We are always looking to improve the pocketbook, and welcome your feedback. You can contact us via email or Twitter.

Food Statistics team


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Published 19 September 2013
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