FE Choices

FE choices provides comparable information to help learners and employers make informed choices about education and training.

All FE choices data is available on GOV.UK and with performance indicators held on the National Careers Service and the apprenticeship service web pages.

FE choices consists of nationally collected and published performance indicator data that measures learner and employer satisfaction. This information is made available in a clear and consistent format

Information is provided about:

  • further education colleges and other organisations that receive government funding and offer education and training to people over the age of 16
  • organisations that offer academic and vocational subjects, apprenticeships, and training on and off the job

Technical information about the surveys

Please see the transparency spreadsheet for technical information about the surveys. If you require further detail about the calculation method for the learner satisfaction survey please email to request further details.

Employer satisfaction survey data

Learner satisfaction survey data

Guidance and information for training providers (employer satisfaction)

Guidance and information for training providers (learner satisfaction)

  1. Learner satisfaction survey poster

    • Promotional material
  2. Learner and employer satisfaction surveys

    • Guidance
  3. Learner satisfaction survey guidance

    • Guidance
  4. Learner satisfaction survey – sample size calculator

    • Form

FE Choices archive

Published 23 March 2017