DWP statistics tabulation tool

Our tabulation tool allows you to download and customise DWP statistics.


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Our tabulation tool lets you download and customise DWP National Statistics on:

  • benefit caseloads
  • benefit on and off flows
  • National Insurance contributions and qualifying years and second tier pension provision – taken from the Lifetime Labour Market Database

The questionnaire seeking views on planned changes to the tabulation tool has now closed. We are analysing the feedback and a link to our response will be provided on this page when it is available.


Stat-Xplore is another way to explore DWP statistics. It currently holds statistics on:

  • Housing Benefit claimant data
  • JSA and ESA sanctions
  • National Insurance number allocations to adult overseas nationals entering the UK
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • benefit cap
  • Universal Credit
  • Work Programme

Use Stat-Xplore to:

  • create customised tabulations
  • view results in interactive charts
  • share outputs via social networking tools or download into common file formats

We welcome views on Stat-Xplore from our users. Please contact for feedback and queries on Stat-Xplore.

Benefit caseloads

The Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study (WPLS) data are based on 100% of claimants (tabtool) and cover information such as:

  • age and gender of claimant
  • duration of their spell on benefit
  • geographical locations of claimants

If you need a more detailed breakdown for one benefit (for example the type of JSA in payment) you may need to use our 5% sample data (tabtool) which has more detail but less comprehensive coverage.

Please use the WPLS data first, and only access the samples if the breakdowns that you need are not available on the WPLS.

DWP recommends that, where the detail is only available on the 5% sample data the proportions derived should be applied to the overall 100% total for the benefit.

Our tabulation tool guidance lists the information available from each data source and provides more information.

We’ve published information about the differences between DWP Jobseeker’s Allowance statistics and Office for National Statistics claimant count statistics.

Caseload statistics

We also have a one-click working-age client group tabulation tool.

Sanctions and disallowances

From 22 October 2012, new regulations introduced a regime of fixed period sanctions, which replaced the existing sanction rules and moved claimants closer to the sanction regime planned for Universal Credit in 2013.

JSA sanction statistics from 22 October 2012 are no longer available via the Tabulation Tool. Updated sanctions statistics are now available via Stat-Xplore.

Benefit flows

Due to technical problems the release of the benefit flows tabulation tool, originally due on 17 August 2016, has been delayed. Work to produce the flows has started and they will be published via the tabulation tool when the issue has been resolved.

Further updates about this will be posted on this page and in the Welfare and Benefits community section on the StatsUserNet website.

A time-series of quarterly flows figures is available from August 1999:

A one-click table for Pension Credit new claims by month is also available.

Employment programmes

Our policy on helping people to find and stay in work includes managing the Work Programme.

Work Programme statistics are now available via Stat-Xplore, not the tabulation tool.

There is more information on our employment programme support official statistics page.

National Insurance contributions and qualifying years and second tier pension provision

The National Insurance contributions and qualifying years and second tier pension provision tabulation tool uses data from the Lifetime Labour Market Database (L2).

It provides information on:

  • people who have paid National Insurance contributions since 1978-1979
  • membership of contracted-out pension schemes and SERPS/S2P membership since the introduction of contracted out schemes in 1978/79

Statistical summaries

Our monthly statistical summaries provide general information on benefit and employment programme statistics including contextual information.

Contacts and more information

There are contact details and more information on the main DWP statistics page.


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