DESA ship recycling reports

This series brings together documents relating to Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA) ship recycling.


  1. HMS Illustrious: recycling
  2. Type 42s Edinburgh, York and Gloucester: recycling
  3. RFA Orangeleaf: recycling
  4. HMS Manchester and HMS Liverpool: recycling
  5. HMS Cornwall: recycling
  6. HMS Campbeltown, HMS Chatham and HMS Cumberland: recycling
  7. Trials Barge Longbow: recycling
  8. HMS Ark Royal: recycling
  9. RFA Fort George: recycling
  10. RFA Bayleaf: recycling
  11. Type 42 destroyers (Exeter, Southampton and Nottingham): recycling
  12. Recycling of HMS Invincible
  13. RFA Oakleaf - recycling
  14. RFA Brambleleaf - recycling
  15. Rame Head - recycling
  16. HMS Intrepid - recycling
  17. Type 42 destroyers (Glasgow, Cardiff and Newcastle): recycling
  18. HMS Fearless: recycling
  19. HMS Endurance: recycling
Published 20 June 2013
Last updated 15 January 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added HMS Illustrious: recycling report.
  2. Added report on ex-HMS Endurance
  3. Added recycling of RFA Orangeleaf and Type 42s Edinburgh, York and Gloucester
  4. Added new recycling report for HMS Manchester and HMS Liverpool.
  5. Added page for HMS Cornwall.
  6. Added HMS Campbeltown, HMS Chatham and HMS Cumberland recycling report
  7. Added recycling documents for HMS Ark Royal and Trials Barge Longbow.
  8. Added report of recycling of RFA Fort George.
  9. First published.