Defence Equipment Sales Authority

DESA is the sole authority within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the sale of surplus military equipment and inventory from the UK armed forces.

About DESA

Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA) offers an alternative way for customers and international governments to acquire proven capabilities in a cost effective manner. DESA handles the disposal of all materiel that can generate revenue within the UK and overseas, for example, aircraft, aircraft spares, ships, boats, river craft and other marine vessels and spares, military and domestics vehicles, with the exception of nuclear, domestic waste and infrastructure. It is unique in government, specialising in the sale of surplus equipment.

DESA has 4 objectives for its sales activity:

  • maximise the receipts for the MOD
  • ensure legal and environmental requirements are met
  • provide defence engagement opportunities as a result of our sales activity
  • provide opportunities for British industry as part of the prosperity agenda

DESA has an established track record of providing high quality, combat proven, military capability direct from the UK defence inventory as a cost effective alternative to buying new. Being a transparent and trusted department, DESA looks to develop long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our international partners.

DESA uses its close working relationships with UK defence industry to assist bespoke refurbishment and through life support packages.

Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA) - video

Equipment for sale

The majority of surplus items and equipment is sold through DESA’s specialist contractors. The range of items sold is vast and includes items such as:

  • miscellaneous items
  • clothing
  • military and domestic vehicles
  • aircraft spares
  • naval and marine equipment
  • medical equipment
  • equipment from the clearance of British military camps

Direct sales of capital assets, for example aircraft or ships are advertised on the MOD surplus equipment page.

DESA future sales

Introducing the C-130J aircraft

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DESA Ships Availability

DESA Ships Availability (video)