Digital Economy Act 2017

The Digital Economy Bill received Royal Assent on 27 April 2017 and is now known as the Digital Economy Act 2017

The UK’s digital economy is growing fast and digital technology is transforming every sector and all aspects of our lives. If the UK is to remain ahead and be a world leader in the digital economy we need to continue to raise our ambition and the Digital Economy Act includes a range of measures in support of this. The Act will:

  • empower consumers and provide better connectivity so that everyone has access to broadband wherever they live
  • build a better infrastructure fit for the digital future
  • enable better public services using digital technologies
  • provide important protections for citizens from spam email and nuisance calls and protect children from online pornography

Documents related to the Digital Economy Bill can be found on the Parliament website. The text of the Digital Economy Act can be found here on

Further details of all the measures in the Digital Economy Bill can be found below:


Published 5 July 2016