Detention services orders

Detention services orders for Home Office officials.

This collection contains detention services orders. These are instructions outlining procedures to be followed by Home Office staff.


  1. Accommodation standards
  2. Age dispute cases in immigration detention centres
  3. Caring for and managing transsexual detainees
  4. Considering detainee placement
  5. Commissioning investigations and management reviews
  6. Deaths in detention
  7. Detainee Custody Officer and Detainee Custody Officer (Escort) certification
  8. Detainee transferable document and warrant of detention form
  9. Detainees who refuse to eat or drink
  10. Detention and escorting: safeguarding children
  11. Detention Rule 35 process
  12. Detention services operating standards manual
  13. Escorting detainees with cash
  14. Extremism and radicalisation
  15. Families in detention: outside activities
  16. Families in immigration removal centres
  17. Fingerprinting detainees
  18. Gatwick pre departure accommodation arrangements
  19. Handling complaints in immigration removal centres
  20. Internet access for detainees
  21. Investigating incidents in immigration detention centres
  22. Lesbian, gay and bisexual detainees
  23. Management and security of night state
  24. Management of adults at risk in immigration detention
  25. Managing detainees' money over £1000
  26. Managing property of detainees in the UK
  27. Marriage or civil partnership of detainees
  28. Medical appointments outside the detention estate
  29. Medical emergency response codes
  30. Medical information sharing
  31. Mobile phones and cameras in immigration removal centres
  32. Notification of removal directions to detainees
  33. Operating standards for the detention services escort process
  34. Paid work for detainees
  35. Person escort record (PER)
  36. Pregnant women in detention
  37. Reception and induction checklist and supplementary guidance
  38. Recording attempted self harm in detention centres
  39. Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)
  40. Release of detainees from immigration detention
  41. Removal from association and temporary confinement
  42. Removing hidden blades from detainees
  43. Removing electronic tags from detainees
  44. Reporting and communicating out of hour incidents
  45. Risk assessment: part c
  46. Room sharing risk assessment (RSRA)
  47. Searching detainees at removal centres
  48. Security information reports
  49. Self harm reduction strategy
  50. Surveillance camera systems
  51. Travel warrants for detainees attending First-tier Tribunals (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
  52. Unescorted domestic shuttle flights
  53. Use of restraints for escorted moves
  54. Using profits from shops in immigration removal centres
  55. Visitors and visiting procedures for detainees
  56. Welfare provision in immigration removal centres
  57. Women in detention
  58. Working with independent monitoring boards
Published 23 January 2014
Last updated 12 December 2018 + show all updates
  1. "Management and security of night state" document added.
  2. Added new detention services order 4/2017 on surveillance camera systems. Removed detention services order 2/2006 on releasing detainees by IS106 release orders, now superseded by new detention services order 1/2018 on the release of detainees from immigration detention.
  3. New DSO on Removal from association and temporary confinement.
  4. New guidance on Gatwick pre departure accommodation arrangements.
  5. New guidance added: management of adults at risk in immigration detention.
  6. New dentention service order on the detention rule 35 process.
  7. DSO 07/2016 "Use of restraints for escorted moves" added.
  8. DSO 06/2016 'Women in detention' added.
  9. DSO 04/2016 'Internet access for detainees' added.
  10. DSO 03/2016 'Considering detainee placement' added.
  11. Detention service order 02/2016 added on lesbian, gay and bisexual detainees.
  12. New dentention service order 1/16 on medical information sharing.
  13. Removal of routine dental appointments for detainees in removal centres guidance.
  14. New guidance on reporting and communicating incidents out of hours added.
  15. New detention service order (DSO) 4/2015 on unescorted domestic shuttle flights.
  16. New dention service order on regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA).
  17. Updated guidance documents.
  18. Added DSOs to collection
  19. added Detention Services Order: Security Information Reports
  20. New DSO on medical emergency response codes.
  21. New risk assessment guidance for contracted escort staff.
  22. New detention service order on risk assessment guidance for escorted moves.
  23. New detention service order on risk assessment guidance for escorted moves.
  24. Updated
  25. First published.