Foreign & Commonwealth Office consular data

This series brings together all Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) consular data documents.

This dataset set contains monthly data on consular assistance provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). From 2019, the data is broken down by the country in which assistance was provided rather than as previously by embassy, high commission or consulate.

The FCO provides consular assistance globally to UK nationals through a network of diplomatic missions responsible for geographic areas. Our diplomatic missions record assistance cases for the region which they cover, rather than the incident location.

We also offer consular assistance to nationals of EU member states, and Commonwealth nationals in non-Commonwealth countries, where they do not have any diplomatic or consular representation. Some of this assistance may be included in the data that we publish.

It is not mandatory for UK nationals to report incidents to the FCO, or one of its diplomatic missions. The data we provide only cover incidents where we have offered consular assistance.

Where the figures are 5 or fewer, we do not publish a breakdown of the numbers, as this risks identifying the individuals involved. To release this data would contravene one of the data protection principles, and sections 40(2) and 40(3) of the Freedom of Information Act apply. The Act states that the processing of personal data should be fair and lawful. It is the fairness aspect which would be breached by disclosure, so there is no public interest test to apply.


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Published 27 May 2013
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