Population screening programmes – collection

Cervical screening: information leaflets

Use these documents to inform women about the NHS cervical screening programme.


  1. Leaflets

Department of Health: publication orderline

Copies of NHS Cancer Screening Programme publications are normally free of charge for:

* staff working within the NHS
* staff working in the voluntary sector
* healthcare students.

Contact the Department of Health publication orderline to get details of prices and availability of publications to those outside the NHS.

Place publication orders through the Department of Health publications website.

You need to be a registered customer to place orders online.

Register through the orderline website or call 01300 123 1002 to set up an account.

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  1. Cervical screening: leaflet for women considering screening

    • Promotional material
  2. Cervical screening: human papillomavirus (HPV) test

    • Promotional material
  3. Cervical screening: abnormal test results

    • Promotional material
  4. Cervical screening: colposcopy

    • Promotional material
  5. Cervical screening: lesbian and bisexual women

    • Promotional material
  6. Cervical screening: an easy guide

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