Carbon Capture and Storage knowledge sharing

Knowledge collected from UK CCS projects.

The government is committed to sharing the knowledge from UK CCS projects and to learning from other projects around the world. This will help accelerate CCS cost reduction, as well as sharing information from the reports it commissions. This information is beneficial to academia and the CCS industry, as well as raising the public profile of CCS.

Knowledge from White Rose and Peterhead CCS projects

Under the 2013/2014 Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) contracts, the Peterhead and White Rose CCS projects delivered 86 reports. Under FEED, the completed reports are defined as Key Knowledge Deliverables (KKDs). The reports will enable both the Peterhead and White Rose projects to share the knowledge and learning acquired on their respective CCS projects.

The Key Knowledge Deliverables from the White Rose and Peterhead FEED studies will cover aspects of delivering a large scale commercial CCS project. This will include; commercial and financing arrangements; programme and risk management; consents and permitting; technical design, engineering and integration; health and safety; and lessons learnt. The KKDs will be published by DECC during 2015 and 2016.

Each KKD has a distinct title, a DECC reference number and information to identify which CCS project it is from. A list of all the documents which will be published is available below. Each KKD documents publish has been categorised into one of the following five categories.

List of Peterhead and White Rose Key Knowledge Deliverables

  1. Peterhead and White Rose Key Knowledge Deliverables

1. Technical: Subsurface and Well Engineering

2. Technical: Power and Capture

3. Technical: Full Chain

4. Commercial, Project Management and Lessons Learned

5. Technical: Transport

Published 11 June 2015
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