Budget 2016: tax-related documents

This page now contains all Budget 2016 tax related documents from HMRC and links to documents from HM Treasury.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his Budget to Parliament on 16 March 2016. Full details of all announcements, supporting documents and information are available from Budget 2016.

HMRC Budget-related documents for Budget 2016 are available below.

The Overview of tax legislation and rates (OOTLAR) lists the tax policy measures announced at Budget 2016 and shows when they will be legislated. It also includes all of the tax information and impact notes and the rates tables. It is intended for tax practitioners and others with an interest in tax policy changes, especially those who will be involved in consultations both on the policy and on draft legislation.

Supporting and related documents for Finance Bill 2016 will be published on 24 March 2016.

Information about the main announcements can be found at Budget 2016: some of the things we’ve announced.

Details of all of the tax and related announcements affecting HMRC customers can be found at Budget 2016.

All HMRC information related to Budget 2016 has now been published.

Measures with effect from 16, 17, or 23 March 2016

Tax information and impact notes

  1. Air Passenger Duty: rates
  2. Applying 'English Votes for English Laws' to Income Tax
  3. Banking companies: excluded entities
  4. Capital Gains Tax: changes to rules to extend availability of Entrepreneurs' Relief on associated disposals
  5. Capital Gains Tax: changes to rules to extend availability of Entrepreneurs' Relief on goodwill on incorporation
  6. Capital Gains Tax: Entrepreneurs' Relief - changes to the treatment of joint ventures and partnerships
  7. Capital Gains Tax: Entrepreneurs' relief: extension to long-term investors
  8. Capital Gains Tax: lifetime limit on Employee Shareholder Status exemption
  9. Changes to Capital Gains Tax rates
  10. Changes to Insurance Premium Tax: increase to standard rate
  11. Clarification to finance costs restriction for landlords
  12. Climate Change Levy: main and reduced rates
  13. Corporation Tax: anti-hybrids rules
  14. Corporation Tax: insurance linked securities
  15. Corporation Tax: rate of tax for the loans to participators charge
  16. Corporation Tax: securitisation and annual payments
  17. Corporation Tax to 17% in 2020
  18. Corporation Tax: update to bank loss relief restriction
  19. Employee share schemes: simplification
  20. Estates Duty and Inheritance Tax: objects granted exemption from Estate Duty
  21. Extending the real time collection of tax on benefits in kind: voluntary payrolling
  22. Extension of enhanced capital allowances for Enterprise Zones
  23. Fuel duty: aqua-methanol
  24. Gaming Duty: increase gross gaming yield bands
  25. Hand-rolling tobacco duty rate
  26. Income and Corporation Tax: repeal of the renewals allowance
  27. Income and Corporation Tax: trading income received in non-monetary form
  28. Income and Corporation Tax: updating the transfer pricing guidelines
  29. Income Tax: Enterprise Investment Scheme and Venture Capital Trusts
  30. Income Tax: personal allowance and basic rate limit for 2017 to 2018
  31. Income Tax: preventing liability to charge being removed from certain taxable benefits in kind
  32. Income Tax: royalty withholding tax
  33. Income Tax: update to treatment of income from sporting testimonials
  34. Landfill Tax: increase in rates
  35. Oil and gas taxation: minor amendments to onshore, cluster area and investment allowances
  36. Oil and gas taxation: reduction in Petroleum Revenue Tax and supplementary charge
  37. Pension flexibility 2016
  38. Reform of the Landfill Communities Fund changes
  39. Setting Company Car Tax (CCT) rates for the 3 years to 2019 to 2020
  40. Stamp Duty Land Tax: higher rates on purchases of additional residential properties
  41. Stamp Duty Land Tax: reform of charging provisions for non-residential property
  42. State aid modernisation
  43. Tackling disguised remuneration
  44. Updates to the alcohol duty rates
  45. Update to the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Research and Development relief: state aid cap calculation
  46. Vaccine research relief: expiry in 2017
  47. Van Benefit Charge for Zero Emissions Vans
  48. VAT: representatives for overseas businesses and joint and several liability for online marketplaces
  49. VAT: revalorisation of registration and deregistration thresholds
  50. VAT: zero-rating of women’s sanitary products
  51. Vehicle Excise Duty rates for cars, vans, motorcycles and motorcycle trade licences
  52. Vehicle Excise Duty: update to 40 year rolling exemption for classic vehicles

Other HMRC documents


  1. Fulfilment house due diligence scheme
Published 7 March 2016