Finance Bill 2016

This is a collection of supporting documents for Finance Bill 2016. The Finance Bill is the vehicle for renewing annual taxes, delivering new tax proposals and maintaining administration of the tax system.

Finance Bill 2016: parliamentary passage

  1. Finance Bill 2016: Report stage
  2. Finance Bill 2016: Public Bill Committee
  3. Finance Bill 2016: Committee of the Whole House

Finance Bill 2016: legislation

The Finance Bill was published on 24 March 2016.

Budget 2016: overview of tax legislation and rates (OOTLAR)

Measures with effect from 16, 17, or 23 March 2016

Finance Bill 2016: draft legislation overview documents

Apprenticeship Levy

  1. Apprenticeship Levy

Capital Gains Tax

Corporation Tax


  1. Domicile: Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax

Income Tax

  1. Bad debt relief for Peer to Peer investments
  2. Employee share schemes: simplification of the rules
  3. Income Tax: averaging rules for farmers
  4. Income Tax: deductions at a fixed rate
  5. Income Tax: employment intermediaries and relief for travel and subsistence
  6. Income Tax: exclusion of energy generation from venture capital schemes
  7. Income Tax: exemption for trivial benefits in kind
  8. Income Tax: extending Individual Savings Account tax advantages after the death of an account holder
  9. Income Tax: Gift Aid requirements on intermediaries
  10. Income Tax: simple assessment
  11. Income Tax: time limits for self assessment
  12. Personal Tax: retention of the 3 percentage point supplement for diesel cars

Inheritance Tax

Measures with immediate effect from 25 November 2015

Paying HMRC

Stamp Duty and other tax on property

Tax administration

Tax avoidance, evasion and compliance

  1. Corporation Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax: company distributions
  2. Increased civil sanctions for offshore tax evaders
  3. Investment managers: performance linked rewards
  4. Penalties for the General Anti-Abuse Rule
  5. Provisions relating to detention and seizure: exceptions to notice requirement
  6. Tackling the hidden economy: extension of new data-gathering powers
  7. Tax administration: civil sanctions for enablers of offshore tax evasion
  8. Tax administration: criminal offence for offshore tax evaders
  9. Tax administration: new threshold condition for promoters of tax avoidance schemes
  10. Tax administration: serial avoiders special regime
  11. Tax administration: large businesses transparency strategy
  12. Tax administration: large business special measures regime

Tax on savings and investments

  1. Dependants' scheme pensions
  2. Income Tax: personal savings allowance
  3. Income Tax: changes to dividend taxation
  4. Netherlands Benefit Act for victims of persecution 1940 to 1945
  5. Pensions tax: bridging pensions
  6. Reduction of pensions lifetime allowance
  7. Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Reserve Tax: deep In the money options

Tobacco Products Duty

  1. Tobacco Duty: raw tobacco registration scheme


Published 25 November 2015
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  3. Updated: Finance Bill 2016: Committee of the Whole House

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